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16V170 G engine ROAD SHOW '21

16V170 G engine

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We are back to become again
the Italian excellence in the World.

From the Center of Innovation and Development of Isotta Fraschini Motori SpA, passing through the rehearsal rooms, up to the locations of the most important Italian manufacturers of generators. 

This will be the 16V170G Engine Road Show '21

The opportunity to touch what is the result of our work for the return of Isotta Fraschini Motori S.p.A. in the industrial engine sector.

In each Factory a starter for the 16V170 G

In each Factory a starter
for the 16V170 G

We therefore decided to make the new 16V170 G travel all over Italy to allow you to see, touch, start and listen to its voice, the voice of the true Made in Italy.

If you wish to receive further information
about road show or to see first-hand
the 16V170 G in isotta fraschini motori factory?

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fregio isotta fraschini
fregio isotta fraschini